The Centre for Environmental Technologies has been financed through the Business-Innovation Agency of the Republic of Croatia within the TEHCRO Programme. It has been established for the purpose of adoption and transfer of new technologies and commercialisation of scientific research results.

The constituent part of the CET is the process and analytical laboratory for experimental treatment of various types of organic materials under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.



  • testing the process of aerobic and/or anaerobic treatment of solid and liquid waste fractions
  • determination of potential (PDRI) and real (RDRI) dynamic respiration index of solid samples in compliance with Standard HRN EN 15590:2011
  • measurement of energy potential of biogas by determining the content of CH4, CO2, NH3, H2S, N2, O2 and CO
  • determination of organic fraction of carbon in solid and liquid samples (TC, TOC, IC)
  • identification of waste solid matter (dry matter content, loss on ignition, ash content)
  • determination of total nitrogen, ammonia, suspended matter, chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and dissolved oxygen in liquid waste
  • measurement of physical parameters (temperature, pH, conductivity)



-8 MW-biogas plant in Donji Vidovec, Croatia

-Anaerobic co-digestion of brewery pomace and waste water, Laško, Slovenia

-Thermal power plant Koprivnički Ivanec, Croatia

-References in waste management – Design of a regional waste management centre Piškornica, Croatia

-References in waste water management – Design of sewage and waste water treatment of agglomeration Vodice – Tribunj – Sima, including waste management plant